Programming Language Publications


Under Control: Compositionally Correct Closure Conversion with Mutable State
P. Mates, J. Perconti, and A. Ahmed. Presented at Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming 2019


A Kripke Logical Relation for Affine Functions: The Story of a Free Theorem in the Presence of Non-termination (talk proposal) slides
P. Mates and A. Ahmed, presented at HOPE, 2013


Analyzing Android Applications with Abstract Interpretation
P. Mates, Student Research Competition at ICFP, 2012

E-Science Publications


A Provenance-Based Infrastructure to Support the Life Cycle of Executable Papers
D. Koop, E. Santos, P. Mates, H. Vo, P. Bonnet, B. Bauer, B. Surer, M. Troyer, D. Williams, J. Tohline, J. Freire and C. Silva. International Conference on Computational Science, 2011.

CrowdLabs: Social Analysis and Visualization for the Sciences
P. Mates, E. Santos, J. Freire and C. Silva. In proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management (SSDBM), LNCS 6809/2011, pp. 555-564, 2011.

The ALPS project release 2.0: Open source software for strongly correlated systems
B. Bauer et al. (ALPS collaboration). JSTAT 2011

Towards Supporting Collaborative Data Analysis and Visualization in a Coastal Margin Observatory
E. Santos, P. Mates, E. Anderson, B. Grimm, J. Freire and C. Silva, CSCW 2010 Workshop on The Changing Dynamics of Scientific Collaboration, 2010.


CrowdLabs: a provenance enabled web repository
P. Mates, C. Silva, Research Posters on the Hill, 2010